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Our specialty: Estates

Representing Estates in the capacity of a Seller's Agent is a large part our business. Our job is to take the burden off the family, executors, and administrators at a difficult time, and see to it that everything goes smoothly.

My parents' house is packed from basement to attic, wall to wall. How do I get rid of this stuff and sell the property?

I live in Chicago but am executor of my uncle's estate in Springfield. We need someone local to help us deal with all this.

This property is in such bad shape, we don't know where to start!

As the family lawyer and executor, I'm under great pressure to get this estate liquidated as soon as possible--the family doesn't understand how complicated this process is.

Get the assistance you need. People throw out fortunes because they don't know what is valuable.They don't have the time or the emotional energy to cope with all the details. When selling the property, they get in trouble because they haven't met all the regulations for probate/clearing the title.

We know that you take your responsibility as an executor or family member seriously and want to do things right. Let us help you get the most from an estate. We coordinate with a team of experienced and reliable auctioneers, attorneys, cleaning companies, contractors, etc., who may need to be called upon through the transaction. You can trust us to bring your estate sale to a satisfying closure.

Subdividing Your Property

Are you considering dividing or developing your property?

Are you midway through the subdivision and running into trouble?

Determining whether or not a property is subdividable and then walking through the long process of approvals and development is not a task for amateurs. Subdivisions involve interpretation of municipal zoning ordinances, land and development ordinances, and much, much, more. Some areas of concern may involve but not be limited to:

  • IBC International Building Code
  • BOCA Code (Builder's Officials Conference of America)
  • ADA (American's with Disabilities Act)
  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)
  • Fire & Panic Act (Pa Dept. Of License & Inspection)
  • Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code
  • Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law
  • Steep slope
  • Storm water management
  • On-site water vs. public
  • On-site sewer vs. public sewer
  • Buffers
  • Availability of utilities
  • Shade Tree Commission
  • Historical & Architectural Districts
  • Deed restrictions
  • Pipe line easements and or rights-of-way
  • Parking
  • Curb cuts and access to roadways (PENNDOT for example)
  • County Planning Commission, Municipal Planning Commission
  • Zoning Hearing Board
  • Architectural Review Board
  • Municipal Certificate Of Use and/or Occupancy
  • US Army Corp. of Engineers (Wetlands)
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Hazardous/Toxic Materials

The list goes on! Navigating the course for a successful subdivision takes experience, organization, and knowledge of many different issues. Good people are essential--here at Warfield's we have a reliable network of surveyors, engineers, etc we call on to determine whether a property is subdivideable. We put forth every effort to make sure all aspects of a subdivision are reviewed in order to reach the best possible result.

Why choose a local firm for this large project?
The major firms are often backlogged. We have excellent local working relationships and know who to call to expedite our clients' needs quickly. We are familiar with new home construction (in fact, Alan taught real estate classes on Construction for ten years), and have decades of experience overseeing improvements, dealing with local zoning, and handling infrastructure issues. Most importantly, we give your project our full attention from beginning to end.

Warfield's has had many satisfied clients for estate and for subdivision projects, and would be glad to give you references on request.

  For expert start-to-finish real estate service, let Warfield's be your guide. 

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