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Homeowner's Insurance

Consumer tip: Buying several types of insurance from one carrier can save you significant money. Consider consolidating your insurance policies.

Homeowner's, Tenant, or Dwelling Insurance

Need an accurate homeowner's insurance quote quickly?
Please gather the information listed below, then call or email us for a quote.

  1. Construction type: masonry, frame (2/3 more of the house)
  2. Flat roof or A frame?
  3. Condo? See our advice page for condo owners.
  4. Single detached, twin, townhouse/row? Apartment?
  5. Do you want full replacement of dwellings / buildings?
  6. What liability limit do you need? $110K (basic), $300, $500 , $1 million?
  7. Do you need replacement cost on contents ? If so, let us know what your room count or square footage is.
  8. Loss history, any claims in last 3 years,
  9. Do you own other residential property that you want to include (you don't need a separate policy for your vacation home, it's much cheaper to add it onto your basic homeowners.)
  10. Do you have a home office or small business that operates out of your home? Boarders living with you ?
  11. Do you want coverage for particular property: collections of art, computers, firearms, jewelry, coin collections, etc.?
  12. What is the distance to the nearest hydrant (feet) and fire company (miles)?
  13. Age of roof, plumbing, heat and electric.
  14. So you can compare apples to apples, tell us what coverage you have NOW: dwelling, detached structures, personal property/contents, loss of use, personal liability, medical payments. What's the deductible?
  15. We'll need Social Security numbers of all named insured.
  16. Consider adding umbrella liability coverage to your homeowner's policy.

For investors who own multiple properties: We can write a schedule for multiple locations that can decrease your insurance costs.

You can also check out the details of Harleysville Group Homeowner's Insurance policies on their website or read the company's advice on ways to get the most out of your Homeowner's Coverage.

For a quote or more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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