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Real Estate Services

How can we help you?


Are you needing to sell quickly and at a fair price?

When we put your property up for sale, we give it full attention until it sells:

Selling your property.


Are you trying to deal with someone's estate?

Your Aunt Bertha named you executor, and now you must cope with selling a large house that hasn't been well maintained and which is full to the rafters of a lifetime's possessions. Where to start?

Call us. We specialize in handling the complexities of estates and subdivisions.


Would you like to buy a house, business property, or investment property?

You will need a knowledgeable and attentive agent who knows the market, can evaluate the structural "bones" of a building, and has a wide network of first rate contractors, mortgage providers, lawyers, and inspectors to call on. With Warfield's as your agent, you guarantee yourself that protection.

Buying a home or other property.

Other services include:



Insuring your property.

Why choose Warfield's real estate services?

There are many real estate agents out there--how to decide which one to call? Warfield's can offer you top-of-the-line service:

1. Experience.

  We have decades of experience--We know real estate. We know construction. We know Delaware and Chester Counties. We have developed an excellent network of related services. We know how to listen deeply to our clients and figure out what they truely need and want.

2. Knowledge of construction and safety.

  We look at the bones of a house, not the gingerbread or the contents. Our clients learn how to look at plumbing, heating, roofing, to see frayed wiring, mold, weekend warrior fixits.. We evaluate the integrity of the property. Is it safe? Is the structure sturdy? Are major repairs likely? Alan served with the Media Fire Company for many years, and taught residential construction for a decade.

3. Loyal, confidential, and responsive service.

  We put your interests first, even when it might mean a smaller commission for us. Everything you say to us, we hold in the strictest of confidence. And when you call with questions or requests, you'll get quick response.

4. We represent you --and you only.

  Some Real estate companies practice "dual agency," with or without designated agency, where the same office or company or even the same agent will represent both buyers and sellers in the same transaction. Long before many other real estate companies did so, Warfield's committed to practicing "single agency", which means we will only represent one party.

If you want to buy a property that Warfield's has listed for sale, we can assist you in preparing and presenting an offer, however we will not be able to represent you as your agent. Should you desire representation we will suggest another agent or lawyer who can help you through the process. (See Pennsylvania's Consumer Notice below)

About our services:

We specialize in real estate transactions; we do not manage properties for owners.

Under current Pennsylvania law, Arthur K. Warfield Real Estate & Insurance practices Seller Agency, Buyer Agency, and provides services as a Transaction Licensee. As a matter of longstanding policy, Warfield's enters into agency agreements with either a buyer or a seller, and will not represent more than one party in a particular transaction.

We support buyer's rights to equal access in purchasing properties and in finding a suitable mortgage. If you are concerned about potential discrimination, please let us serve you.

Before you speak seriously with us, or with any real estate agent, about buying or selling property, please read Pennsylvania's Consumer Notice ( Spanish version) which explains the legal relationship your agent has with you.

  If you're looking for expert real estate advice
and rock-solid reliable service, call us today. 

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