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The advantage of having your own insurance agent

Buying your insurance coverage online?

Do you understand the coverage you are buying? You are probably paying more--for less coverage.

Insurance "sellers" (such as online sites giving quotes) are allowed to quote you an offer on an insurance product. What don't they tell you? That only insurance AGENTS are allowed to review your policy options and to give you advice.

Insurance is a complex business. Policies, endorsements, and forms change constantly. At Warfield's, we keep track for you, and help you analyze what your insurance does and does not cover. We make sure that our clients are well-protected. And when you run into a problem.... we are there to make sure you get the reimbursements you deserve.

How good is your coverage? We can help you with:

  Auto Insurance   We also insure other vehicles such as boats, motor homes, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, etc.

  Homeowner / Tenant / Dwelling Insurance -- A note for condominium owners -- you may not be as insured as you think.

  Life Insurance

  Blanket Excess Liability (Umbrella)

Warfield's offers a full range of insurance coverage from

Harleysville Group (now part of Nationwide)

Allied Insurance (now part of Nationwide)

Foremost Insurance Company


Consumer tip: Use the questions on each of the insurance pages as a guide when you shop around for the policy that's right for you. Then you can be sure you're comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges!

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