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When listing your property for sale it is crucial to find an Agent that knows your market area, is qualified to determine the value of your property, and has the experience and knowledge necessary to represent your best interests at all times.

Here at Arthur K. Warfield Realtor we have all the ingredients needed to meet, and most times exceed, those requirements. Many real estate transactions are quite complicated and involve delicate negotiations. As a Seller's Agent we are alert to protecting you, keeping you informed, and being a good facilitator.

What will Warfield's do as your Seller's Agent?

  1. Help the seller prepare the property for listing and determine a listing price.
  2. Advise the seller on what they need to do and what they don't need to do: many people spend more money than necessary.
  3. List and advertise the property.
  4. Communicate all offers from all buyers to the seller.
  5. Look for anything in an offer that is potentially damaging or onerous, advise seller about which is the best offer.
  6. Consult the seller every step of the transaction--you make the decisions, not us.
  7. Negotiate with the buyer on the seller's behalf.
  8. Keep the seller's counsel--we do not talk to anyone else about your confidential information, such as whether an offer has been received, unless you direct us to.
  9. Make sure that the seller is prepared for settlement.

Do we really need an agent?

Real estate contracts, forms, addendums, and endorsements are changing all the time. Using the most current contracts, and understanding them, is vital in assuring compliance with the ever changing laws that impact sellers and Seller's Agents alike.

For example, Pennsylvania requires sellers to fill out a disclosure statement about known material defects, and the general condition of the property, but not in all circumstances. Sellers must also comply with the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act--giving EPA information, disclosing information and supplying your own records to the buyer, and for older properties, allowing the buyer a mandated length of time to assess hazards.

Take note: These actions are legally required of the seller even when no real estate agent is involved in the sale. Would you have known about these requirements if you hadn't read this site or had a real estate agent advising you?

Obtaining proper representation before entering into a real estate transaction makes good sense. A Seller's Agent, particularly one who is a Realtor, will give you the best advice and protection!

Information for Sellers:

Before you speak seriously with us, or with any real estate agent, about selling your property, please read Pennsylvania's Consumer Notice (English) ( Spanish) which explains the legal relationship your agent has with you.

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