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Many businesses think they have adequate insurance.... till disaster strikes. You need an agent who knows how to find the critical but not necessarily obvious aspects of your business that will need coverage to keep your business alive and well.

Our commitment to our commercial clients

Warfield's works exclusively with Harleysville Group because their policies allow us to design an insurance package that exactly fits your business. We have been with them for many years and have confidence in their performance and their commitment. To see the specific provisions available for various professions, follow the Harleysville links below. If you need information about a business or profession not listed here, please call us--we insure many more types of business.

If you are considering changing from another insurance company, help us assess your current coverage by asking your insurance company for a report of your 5 year loss history.

Business interruption

        -- don't forget this vital coverage!

If you want to sleep well, get the most important coverage of all: business interruption insurance. When you have no place to run your business and you still have to meet the rent or mortgage payments on your burned out location, this insurance will pay. It will also cover other immediate business expenses such as leased equipment or heavy machinery, food spoilage, loss of electric power on OR off premises, It covers longer-term expenses such as loss of inventory, and the cost of starting up your business at another location. This insurance will also reimburse you for loss of income during that down time.

Each business has its own vulnerabilities--it is VITAL you get an insurance agent who knows to ask the right questions about your particular operations to make sure you adequately insured.

  Sleep well! Let Warfield's put together the best insurance for your business.

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