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Serving our commercial clients

Why choose Warfield's?

In shopping for commercial insurance, businesses seek an affordable policy that ensures their financial survival when trouble strikes. But a good product is only half of what you are purchasing. You also need a relationship with an experienced agent who will move quickly to help protect your business when an incident occurs. At Warfield's we are committed to giving our clients an excellent product AND responsive, knowledgeable service.

When you need us, we're there.

One of our clients had a restaurant in town -- the electricity went out during the lunch hour and the grill and slicers weren't working. They had tuna and chicken salad to serve cold sandwiches but not enough rolls to meet customer demand. I got in my car, went to the supermarket and bought up all their rolls. That's what an agent is supposed to do.

We've had people bidding a job on Saturday who call us needing a certificate of insurance. We get it to them.

Back when we had the record 30 inch snowstorm, a client called to say that water was coming through their flat roof. Media's streets were impassable but I was at my insured's property in minutes, helping them figure out how to get weight off the roof and advising the owner about his obligations to self and company. Shortly after that, his sister's business had a fire and she never saw her insurance agent. I now insure all of the family's businesses.

Our commitment to our clients

Warfield's has been insuring local businesses since 1949. We've seen lots of troubles, and we've helped our clients keep their businesses up and running despite them.
  • We listen carefully to hear what our clients truely need and want.
  • We hold in strictest confidence all information you give us.
  • We tailor policies to fit your needs--we will not sell you a one-size-fits-all policy.
  • We assess the risks your business faces--often identifying potential problems that our clients have not considered.
  • Policies, endorsements, and forms change constantly. We keep on top of those changes, reviewing your coverage at regular intervals.
  • When you call with a question or request, you'll get a quick response.
  • We can't always make it through 30 inches of snow, but when you have a major problem, we come as fast as we can.

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